Coal and Soot - HCB
Coal and Soot - HCB

Coal and Soot - HCB

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Know anyone who has been naughty this year? Or maybe want to pull a prank on a friend or loved one. Our Coal and Soot HCB is perfect for such occasions.

The Coal and Soot HCB is a filled with milk chocolate cocoa and marshmallows inside.

Along side the HCB, is a note from the Big Man in the North Pole who sees you when your sleeping, knows when you are awake,  and knows when you have been bad or good. So be sure to be good this year, or you just might find a lump of Coal in your stocking this year.

 The Coal and Soot HCB comes prepackaged in a white box and a black ribbon on top, perfect to give as a gift without the need of wrapping it.

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